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Our main goal is to develop beach volleyball in Lebanon through the implementation of a growth plan in order to guarantee a top quality. Beach volleyball means creativity, surprise, technique and in some ways should express the freedom of playing in deep contact with nature where the personality and instinct of each athlete should come out.
Beach volleyball is also an expression of performance , fashion, style, beauty, joy of life and a clean environment.
At BvB – Nahr Ibrahim, There are four courts to play on located in the middle of the nature, one of the courts is indoor. Court rentals are an easy way for you to get on the sandwhether it’s to practice skills, play with family and friends, or just to escape and spend some time for yourself, you choose time, play and mates , 7 days a week by the hour, packages are available too (call us for more info). Our regular court rental is $20 /hour during the day and $30/hour during the night . Our courts are yours to use !

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